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Zongke Jin   金宗科

Postgraduate [Chinese page] [Personal Blog]

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Ocean University of China

Songling Road,238,Qingdao,China

Email:   jinzongke.ouc@gmail.com

Zongke Jin received his B.E. degree in Department of Computer Science and Technology from Qingdao University of Sciense and Technology.

He is currently a postgraduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Ocean University of China, supervised by Dr. Feng Hong and Prof. Zhongwen Guo.


Research Interest

  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

  • Delay Tolerant Network (DTN)

  • Computer Network

  • TinyOS & NesC Programming


Projects & Activities

  • OceanSense: An integrated sensor network system for environment surveillance on the sea. (Experiment Video   Photos )

  • National 973 project:(No.2006CB303000), Research on the Fundamental Theory and Critical Technologies for Wireless SensorNetworks (973 Experiment Video )

  • SSDCS2009: Summer School of Distributed Computing & System, sponsored by Ministry of Education of the PRC and National Natural Science Foundation of China, hosted by SCTS & CGCL of HUST in 2009. (Photos )

  • Administrator of OceanSense WebSite.



  • Zhongwen Guo, Ying Guo, Feng Hong, Zongke Jin, Yuan Feng, Perpendicular Intersection: Locating Wireless Sensors with Mobile Beacon, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology(TVT), ( PDF),accepted. (SCI)

  • Ying Guo, Feng Hong, Zhongwen Guo, Zongke Jin, Yuan Feng, EDA:Event-oriented Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks, (PDF), IPCCC2009, Phoenix, America. (EI)

  • Zongke Jin, Feng Hong, Hongwei Chu, Tijiang Shan, Zhongwen Guo, OsnWeb:Sensor Web of OceanSense, 6th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM 2010), ( PDF),accepted. (EI)


Research Group

Prof. Zhongwen Guo   
Dr. Feng Hong, Dr. Haipeng Qu 
Hanjiang Luo, Ying Guo, Xiaohui Yang, Song Xie 
Tijiang Shan,Duan Huang,Xiqing Zhang,Chunlei Guo,Hongwei Chu, Xiuyan Zhu


Teaching Assistant

 Computer Network    Fall 2009


Spare Time

  • Radio    VOA (Voice Of America)    NYPR (New York Public Radio)

  • Vedio     Dialogue@CCTV9     CNET Conversations     Friends

  • Music     Keith Urban     Eagles