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Project  National 973 Project:


The project will put that deploying application of wireless sensor networks in the actual environmental conditions of the ocean surface,as a starting point, design and practice nodes' effective package and floating stent configuration,implement wireless sensor nodes' availability in the conditions of ocean surface; design and practice the base-station's effective package and feature programmes, implement the base-station's long-term availability and effective Wireless data transmission; research and design the ocean sensor networks' location and energy conservation algorithm, implement the accession of the ocean sensor networks' dynamic location information and long-term availability of application deployment; research and design the onitoring Algorithm of Ocean depth and key information about tide ,implement effective and practical application deployment of the marine sensor networks; research and design the routing programme of Hybrid Network of wireless sensor networks in the marine surface and under waterenergy-saving programme, estimate and determine the communications capacity of Hybrid Network.


Clicking here to download our marine experimental video and learn more about the National 973 Project of our Lab.  National 863 Project:

The project will develop Low-cost sensor nodes underwater;put on important network protocol algorithm;build Prototype System of implementing automatic network and data transmission using developed sensor nodes. The project will research the network protocal underwater,including physical layer protocol,network layer protocol,transmission layer protocal.And base on this,develop sensor nodes underwater,applicate the potocals into the Embedded Systems of sensor network nodes,do the further verification of protocals,test the system's stability,automatic recovery and reliability.  National Number Marine 908 Subject:



For feature data and semantics of the marine information,908 Subject will design and develop a set of XML application standards suitable for distribution and exchange of marine information, and based on this,design the marine information exchange and integrated model based on XML,and put it as base of service system of distribution and exchange of marine information network. For the application of marine basic information,develop the information exchange and integrated application system based on XML, implement marine information exchange and integration based on XML.